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Buying Tulip Marble Tables

In the early fifties, an architect envisioned the transition from the traditional sum of legs design for the furniture to the classic tulip stem. The classic tulip stem design for furniture has been incorporated into different designs and materials since its invention. Among this is the tulip marble table. Due to the fact that tulip marble tables come in different qualities, one should make some considerations before purchasing. Here are a few guidelines to help you choose and buy the most appropriate tulip marble table for yourself.

Among the factors that one should take into consideration before buying a tulip marble table is its size. Tulip marble tables exist in different sizes. The ninety to four feet is the most popular tulip marble size. The most popular tulip marble tables are of diameters ranging from a hundred to a hundred and forty centimeters. There however exists larger oval-shaped tables which exceed to lengths of about a hundred and seventy centimeters to two hundred centimeters. A ninety centimeter tulip marble table will be able to accommodate at least four people, a hundred and ten centimeter to a hundred and twenty centimeters will be able to accommodate five to six people while a hundred and thirty centimeters to a hundred and forty centimeters will be able to accommodate seven to eight people.

It is also important to take into consideration the quality of marble used to make the tulip table. This can range from the cheaper Asian marble to Chinese marble, or the Italian quarried natural stone. Marble tops are generally heavy with some sized up to a weight of about ninety-five kilograms. It is therefore important to ensure that the area where the tulip marble table will be placed will be ideal as well as the space to allow chairs of the appropriate size to fit.

It is also important to consider the retailer and manufacturer of a particular tulip marble table before purchasing one. One should also take the time to verify that the top of the table is really fiberglass or just medium density fibreboard. Depending on the type of top one is looking for, one can easily confirm their credibility by observing the properties portrayed by them, for instance in the case that you will be looking a fiberglass top, the table at hand should have a top that is relatively thin and which has a high gloss shine, if it is thick and the glossy shine is relatively low, this might be a medium-density fibreboard.

It is also important to consider the base of a tulip marble table before purchasing. Usually there are two types of materials that are used to make up the base of a tulip marble table. One should always seek to buy a tulip marble table that has its base made from aluminum as it is generally lighter and stronger.

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